2.01a - Annual Information Update

Each school year, PA-TSA asks you to update your chapter information.  The information we would like updated is both physical and mailing address as well as chapter advisors.  PA-TSA does not charge you for each advisor, so we encourage you to list all advisors you have with your chapter.    Mailing v. physical address is important, as we use a Google Maps API for generating mapping data within iServices and on our web site.

You can update this information at anytime, but you are required to go through all steps the first time you log into iServices each school year and verify the information we have.

If you do not finish validating your the addresses and advisors, the system will pick up where you left off.  You must click the continue button at the bottom of each screen.  

1- Go to http://iservices.patsa.org/ from any web browser
2- Enter your Chapter ID and your Password

3- Update your chapter's physical address by changing the address line, city and zip code.  If you enter in valid information, it should appear on the right side as a valid pinpoint on the Google Map.  This is important if someone wants to visit your school, they have the correct information for a GPS system.  
4- Click the "Submit Address Information And Onto Next Screen" button at the bottom of the screen.  

5- Update your chapter's mailing address.  There is an option to copy the physical address form the previous screen.   If you want to do that, click the appropriate button. 
6- Click the "Submit Address Information And Onto Next Screen" button at the bottom of the screen.  

7-Finally, update your chapter advisors.  You can Edit, Delete, Add advisors at this point.  PA-TSA does not charge for any advisors, so if they are an advisor to your chapter, add them here.  There is an option to allow them to retrieve a lost password, by default, it is yes.  You can disallow them from this feature if you like.  The feature, along with auto-subscribe to our mailing list, is being worked on and should be ready by the end of 2015.
8- Click the "Submit Advisor Information and Finish" button at the end of the screen.

Information is now updated and you will not see this next time you log in.  You can go back and change information at anytime during the school year.