3.01b - Shared Advisors

Each chapter needs to have a Primary Advisor who will oversee the responsibilities of the chapter.  We understand there are some chapters who share a single advisor.  We also know that there are some chapters who share multiple advisors.  
  • We ask that if there is multiple advisors, you DO NOT dual register the advisors with multiple chapters.  Example: Mrs. Smith and Mr. Jone are advisors to Chapter A and Chapter b.  Please register one advisor for each chapter, DO NOT register both advisors with both chapters.
  • If you have only one advisor that shares both chapters, please register them for both chapters.  When registering them with each chapter, there is a question that says Is this advisor registered with another chapter? The default is No.  Change this to Yes for each time the same advisor is registered.  

1- Go to http://iservices.patsa.org/ from any web browser
2- Click on the Conference Registration button and find the Primary Advisor.
3- Select Yes beside the option Is this advisor registered with another chapter?
4- A warning will come up confirming that you are sharing an advisor between multiple chapters.  Click OK
You can always go back and change this option if you find another advisor to attend the conference.