3.06 - Printing Your Registration/Invoice

iServices allows the printing of your registration & invoice.  We can apply the WYSIWYG principle to this registration report, What You See Is What You Get.  If you do not see it on here, your chapter is not registered for it.  You can go back and change registration anytime before registration closes.  

NEW IN 2015 - When you go to print your registration/invoice, the invoice will actually print on a separate page at the end of the report.

1- From the Conference Registration section, click on PRINTER FRIENDLY: Print Registration/Invoice button.

2- Enter your iServices Username and Password to log into the Report Viewer.
3- Your report will display with your entire conference registration.  From here, you can print your report.  Again, once you print the report, your computer's system printing should print the invoice as a separate page.