3.04 - Registering Adults

iServices permits you to register adults for your conference.  Your region might have rules differing on how you should register guest and visitors, please refer to your regional guidelines.  Each region and the state conference put different fees into place for the participants.  

1- Log into iServices (http://iservices.patsa.org/) and click on Go to Conference Registration Home
2- Click on Add New Advisor, Add New Guest or Add New Visitor.
3- Complete all the requested information in light red.  If you are entering additional advisors, please include a contact number that the registrar may reach you at and also provide an emergency on-site contact number (field highlighted in red) that the conference team will be able to contact you at in case there is an emergency.  
4- You can choose to keep adding advisors, guests or visitors, return to the participant list, or return to the Registration Menu.