3.03 - Registering Teams


Some things to remember about teams:
  • Do not try to register the same team for the same event.  For Example, Team A cannot be signed up for chapter team twice.
  • Sign a team up for multiple events, regardless if the team members are the same or not.  You want two teams for structure and chapter team and one team for tech bowl, assign Team A to structure, chapter team and tech bowl and Team B to structure and chapter team.  Do not create five different teams.
  • If a student is only in team events, they still need to be added as a participant for the conference.  
Registering team could never be easier for a Regional or the State Conference with iServices.  iServices gives you the ability to manage your registration based on the conference you are registering for.  For the Regional and State Conferences, the process is very similar, the only differences you will see are the a) events offered and b) the maximum entries permitted.  

Team entries can be a bit confusing to start.  PA-TSA allows you to register multiple teams for an event.  In addition, we do not actually track the students assigned to a team, meaning you can change members of your team up until they sign in for the event.  

1- Go to http://iservices.patsa.org/ from any web browser and Conference Registration.
2- Click on Add A New Team

You are now able to starting adding a TEAM events for your chapter.  There are two columns, the column on the right is a list of events available for a team to register for, it will list only TEAM events (for directions on individual events, please click here). It contains the Event Number & Name, Maximum Entries Permitted* and a Plus Sign.  
*If you see a "Q", it means that the team had to have placed at the Regional Conference to be entered, this is a State Conference feature.  
3- Click the event(s) you want to register a team for.
As you enter students into events, you will see the list build in the left hand column.
4- If you wish to remove a team from an event, just click on the Red X to have the student removed from the event.  This is not reversible.  
5- You can click on the Comment box to add comments for a team. These comments are for you.  You can include team members on an event, kits needed, any comments you need for the event.  

6- You are now done, you can:
  • Use the arrows under the Navigation bar to scroll to the next participant (or team),
  • Save Team & Add Another Team,
  • Delete Team,
  • View Conference Participant List, or
  • Go back to the Conference Registration Menu
On this screen, the instant a team is added to the event and you see it appear in on the right column, the record is saved.