State Advisor (SA) Approved Events for Nationals

There are certain events that Nationals only permits a limited number of entries at the National Conference, commonly referred to as "State Advisor (SA) Approved Events".  If your chapter placed in one of those "SA Approved Event", they will appear in iServices.  If there is only 1 entry permitted per state, the 1st place winner has the option to compete in that event.  If they cannot compete, it will go to the second place winner, and will progress down the top 10 until all spots are filled (if there are multiple spots per state allowed).

1- Log into iServices at
2- Click on "Conference Registration"
3- Click on "National State Advisor (SA) Approved Events"

If you have any students/teams who placed in the top ten at States, they will appear in this list.

4- Use the radio buttons under "Are you going to Nationals?" column to click "Willing" or "Not Going" beside the participant
  • "Willing" means the participant is going to the National conference and they would like to compete in the event.
  • "Not Going" means they will not be attending.  
5- Click the Blue Arrow  to see details about the other participants for the event.

Twice a week the State Advisor will review participant status for Nationals and update the "Final Disposition" to one of the following:
  • "AWARDED" means the participant for the event will be representing PA at the National Conference.
  • "NOT AWARDED" means the participant for the event will not be representing PA at the National Conference.
  • "No Decision Yet" means the the state advisor has not checked the event yet, or there is not enough information from other chapters.
  • Once the state advisor changes the status to "NOT AWARDED", the chapter advisor/participant cannot be changed.
  • Once the state advisor changes the status to "AWARDED", the chapter advisor needs to contact the state advisor to release the spot to another chapter if the student cannot attend.
  • Any participant not changed to "Willing" by the deadline, will automatically be marked "NOT AWARDED".
  • Participants must register for the conference by the National Deadline, any participants who is not registered with Nationals, will forfeit their spot and the State Advisor will go back to top 10 winners.