3.06 - Team Comments - Old

iServices allows you to add "comments" for each of your team entries.  These comments are for you to help you manage your teams.  You can choose to enter in the names of the participants who you would like to participate with this team, or any other information you like.  

The comments you leave are private to you and your chapter.  They will print on your participant list.  They are not viewed or tracked by the conference planning team.  This gives you the ability to change team members anytime up until the team checks in for the event.  

Remember, team members do not have to be the same for all entries within a team.  You can mix and match team members under each entry.  

Directions (Video Below)
1- From the Conference Registration Menu, click on EDIT: Conference Participant button.
2- Click Pencil button on the team who you would like to comment on.
3- Under the Events Currently Registered In column, click the Letter Box button beside the team you want to comment.
4- In the Yellow Field click and type the comments you have for that team.
5- Click any of the buttons under the Navigation bar to save the record.  
NOTE: Click the arrows will save the record you are on and move to either the next or entry for that team.  
6- Go back the the  View Conference Participant List and select a new team to enter comments for each additional team you have entered.