2.04 - Updating Advisor Info

iServices allows you to update your advisor information.  Including your advisor information AND email address in iServices is key for several reasons
  • Places you on our Mailing List system automatically.
  • Allows any advisor registered with your chapter to recover a lost password for iServices.
  • Allows board members and regional coordinators to contact you.
  • Allows other chapter advisors to contact you.
It is important that each advisor is included in iServices.  Please make sure you are deleting records for old advisors out of our system.  

Privacy Notice:
PA-TSA does not sell or distribute any information contained in iServices.  All information is considered confidential and only to be used to conduct official PA-TSA state business.

Directions (Video Below)
1- Go to http://iservices.patsa.org/ from any web browser and e
nter your Chapter ID and your Password
2- Click the View/Edit Our Chapter Information button
3- Click the Edit Chapter and Advisor Information button
To edit one of the current advisor's information, go onto step 4, to add an new advisor, go onto step 8 and to delete an advisor, to onto step 11.
4- Click the pencil on the right of the row who's information you want to edit
5- Edit the information for the advisor, PLEASE include a first and last name as well as a current email address.  
  • The email address will be automatically passed onto our Mailing List system.  
  • The email address is also used to recover lost passwords. 
    Please only enter one email address per record.  If you wish to list multiple email addresses, add another advisor to the system with a different email address.  
6- Click the Save and Return to Chapter Information when done editing your information.  
7- Click the Advisor Information Updated: Continue to complete the update.

8- If you wish to Add another advisor to iServices (or list another email address for an advisor), click the New Advisor button from the Edit Chapter Information Screen.
9- Enter the information for the new advisor (just like if you are editing an advisor) and click the Save and Return to Chapter Information button. PLEASE include first and last name of the advisor as well as a valid email address (only one email address per record).  This information will be passed to our Mailing List system and will be used to recover a lot password.
10- Click the Advisor Information Updated: Continue to complete the update.
11- If you wish to Delete an advisor from iServices, from the Edit Chapter and Advisor Information screen, you can select the D.
12- Confirm your choice to delete the advisor from iServices (doing so, will delete the email address in our Mailing List system also).  


Updating Chapter Advisors