2.03 - Updating Chapter Info

iServices allows you to update your chapter's information.  The first time you log on for a school year, you will be asked to review your chapters information and make changes to it, if needed.  It is important you have this information correct.  Although PA-TSA very rarely uses paper mailings, we might need this information for an occasional mailing.  In addition, iServices includes a Mapping Feature.  Chapters can log into iServices and view the location of your chapter on a Google Map and get directions to your chapter.  This is also helpful for board members who might need to travel to your school for a visit.  

Privacy Notice:
PA-TSA does not sell or distribute any information contained in iServices.  All information is considered confidential and only to be used to conduct official PA-TSA state business.

Directions (Video Below)
1- Go to http://iservices.patsa.org/ from any web browser and e
nter your Chapter ID and your Password
2- Select the View/Edit Our Chapter Information button
3- Review the information on the screen to verify your information is correct, use the Advisor, Web Site and Officer Application tabs to verify those sets fo data.

4- If you need to edit your chapters information (or add an advisor), click the Edit Chapter and Advisor Information button.
5- Click on any of the fields in yellow to edit it's content.  When you are complete, click either the Save and Return to Chapter Information or the Main Menu buttons.

You have now updated your chapter's information in iServices.  For more information n how to edit your advisor information in iServices, click here.


Updating Chapter Information